Judaica is the art of beautifying the rich and diverse Jewish heritage through paintings, illuminated books, exquisite calligraphy, sculpture and silverware. Existing examples of Judaica dating back from the renaissance period until the present day can be found in many collections today. Traditionally, Europe was the centre of this art, and exquisite illustrated megillot, haggadot, ketubot and silverware, commissioned by wealthy patrons grace many a collection worldwide. Though it declined somewhat at the turn of the last century, over the past few decades there has been a great resurgence of interest in high end Judaica, particularly in the United States. Roni Weiss Fine Judaica Art represents the best in high-end exclusive judaica art, and has served clients worldwide, including New York, London, Israel and Australia.

“Art has always interested me, since I was old enough to hold a pencil, and over the years I have honed and perfected my ability to draw and paint, constantly looking for ways to improve my standards. I spent many years as a professional model maker, and the diversity of skills needed, was the perfect grounds for my career as a Judaica artist. I studied the sacred art of safrut (scribe) and received semichah (rabbinical ordination) on the laws of safrut from the Vaad Mishmeret HaStam a globally recognized certification in safrut. At around the same time, I was introduced to the world of Judaica, in particular fine art on parchment. This opened up a whole new world of artistic creativity for me, and the challenge of developing new skills, including painting on parchment, gilding and paper-cuts, was a most rewarding one. Art is a constant learning curve; I am my own biggest critique, and I strive to achieve perfection in all my art.  My primary goal is that every piece that comes out of my studio is a true masterpiece, regardless of the time needed to complete it, and I do not take any short cuts that could compromise on the quality. Customer satisfaction is an absolute, top priority”.

Whilst most people visiting this site will be familiar with the terminology used, for those that aren’t, below is a brief description.

DSC_0804Parchment:  The parchment used in Judaica primarily comes from calf foetuses. After skinning, it is processed according to the laws of safrut. Parchment varies greatly from piece to piece in terms of quality, texture, thickness, colour and translucency. In projects where more than one piece is used, considerable effort is expended to ensure that all the pieces have similar qualities. Parchment is very vulnerable to changes in atmospheric conditions and correct care must be taken to ensure the parchment does not get damaged.


Cut outs:  Cut outs are patterns or text cut out of the parchment with a surgical scalpel, as opposed to written or painted. This is has become very popular in Judaica, and it greatly enhances any piece, giving it a 3D aspect. Whilst laser technology is used for cutting prints, this is impossible for parchment originals, as the heat of the laser would ruin it. Therefore, the time honoured method of a sharp knife, a steady hand, and lots of patience is used.

DSC_7541Gilding:  Gilding is the ancient art of applying a very thin layer of real gold or silver to a subject, and it has featured extensively on illuminated manuscripts for hundreds years. Gilding adds a tremendous amount to any piece of Judaica and can be applied flush with the parchment, or embossed. Whilst “imitation leaf” has become popular among artists in recent years, at Roni Weiss Fine Judaica, genuine 22ct gold leaf is used exclusively.


Hand Written: All text found in Roni Weiss Fine Judaica is hand written using a quill and inks. There are reputable Judaica companies who sell pieces advertised as “hand written”, when in fact the text was first printed onto parchment, and then gone over by hand with a layer of ink to give the impression that it has been hand written. This practice is strictly not used at Roni Weiss Fine Judaica.

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